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Welcome to Counselor’s Corner. There are five names given to King Jesus, seated on David’s throne in heaven today, in Isaiah 9:6. The second one is Counselor. Jesus has the answers you need, and it should come as no surprise that He gifted His churches with “apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors” (1 Cor. 12:28) who, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, have the answers you need.


Frederick A. Drummond, Sr., and his team are devoted to making the healing they have received from God available to you.

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A Christian Approach to Homosexuality ~ Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Where Are Your Accusers? ~ Grace Bellingham

Down but Not Out ~ Grace Bellingham

Everyone Can Change ~ Frederick Drummond, Sr.

- F A Drummond
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A Christian Apporach to Homosexuality

by Dr. Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Keywords: homosexuality

A Chistian approach to the issue of homosexuality is is addressed from a Biblical and personal perspective.

The Power of Your Mind
by Mrs. Jennifer Price

Private victories are the ones that happen in the mind and heartthe inner man. What goes on inside of us will eventually show up on the outside. Therefore, what we think determines the course of our lives.

What Does Heavenly Wisdom Look Like?

by Dr. Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Text: James 3:13-4:12

Keywords: wisdom / peace

A good look at the fruit of righteousness and what it always produces is a sober wake-up call. It is a reminder to every one of us who have made Jesus their Lord that unless the wisdom we are living by produces peace, we should reevaluate its origin.

Christ-Like Love Has Its Reward
by Grace Bellingham

Throughout our lifetimes God takes us through times of great trial and affliction. The significance of those times, however, is rarely what we think. They are times of growth and the increase of our understanding of God and His character.

God's Wisdom Is Always Higher Than Ours
by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: wisdom / glory

Too much of Christianity is carrying the weight of their lives and the lives of others. God alone is able to carry such weight, and as we all know, the weight of any situation is the glory of that situation, and all the glory belongs to God!

Love Actually

by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: love

Love is not a feeling; it is not sentiment or affection; love is not emotion, although emotion is often involved. God is love; therefore, love is as powerful as God.

Everyone Can Change
by Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Keywords: change / repentence / gospel

Everyone can change. If I didn’t believe this, I wouldn’t have dedicated my life to the ministry back in the late sixties. Surely if this wasn’t the case, the Christian message would have become obsolete a long time ago.

Where Are Your Accusers?

by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: forgiveness / criticism / mercy / Christ-likeness

So, what do you say to someone who has come for help for the struggles they faced all of their lives? "Jesus." "Jesus," is what I would say to those who come seeking answers, help, forgiveness and some kind of hope.

Rejected but Never Forsaken

by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: anger / need of approval / love

We are born with an incredible need for security and sense of belonging. We grow up needing the approval and validity that parents have the power to give. This gentle man realized that he had an angry spirit that was robbing him and his family.

Down but Not Out

by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: adultery / rejection / grace / mercy / forgiveness

Dynamic men can get into real trouble. He confessed with tears in his eyes that he had been having an adulterous affair. Oh, how pleasant sin seems for a season, but oh my, how all of a sudden it becomes like death. Sudden death!

Weak but Made Strong

by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: alchoholism / fear of rejection / approval / acceptance / deliverance

Although this man was powerful, strong enough to face a gang of drug-smuggling criminals with machine guns pointed at him, while remaining calm and level-headed, he did have a weakness. He was a hopeless alchoholic!

A Sweet Spirit vs. a Bitter Spirit
by Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Keywords: biterness / cold / indifferent

Bitterness will slow you down until it stops you, all the while reversing the will of God for your life. Bitterness produces a lost soul soul with no purpose in life. Full-blown bitterness is irreversible.

Manifestation of the Stronghold of an Insecure Soul
by Frederick Drummond, Sr.

Keywords: insecurity / fear of abandonment / needy

An insecure soul is developed through constant fear of abandonment. When not resolved in the love of God we live with the desire to be constantly approved of and we manifest extremely needy behavior.

He Raised Me Up

by Grace Bellingham

Keywords: trials/tough times/grace

Throughout our lifetimes God takes us through times of great trial and affliction. The significance of those times, however, is rarely what we think. They are times of growth and the increase of our understanding of God and His character.

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